Fast facts about Liverpool’s new Cilla Statue

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Fast facts about Liverpool’s new Cilla Statue

Cilla’s eldest son Robert Willis unveiled today at 11am the new Cilla statue which now stands proudly on Liverpool’s legendary Mathew Street.

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Here are some Fast Facts about the new ‘Cilla’ sculpture:

The ‘Cilla’ statue is situated on Mathew Street outside the original Cavern entrance which is the entrance Cilla used when she worked and sang there;

The project has taken 1 year to complete and was commissioned by Cilla’s sons as a thank you to the city of Liverpool;

The finished sculpture is cast in bronze and measures 6.6ft tall and weighs 130kg;

‘Cilla’ stands on a disc of her No.1 single ‘You’re My World’ – based on a real 45 record;

Her dress is made up of squares depicting images drawn from Cilla’s life and career. The text in these squares are set in relief and include her catchphrases from programs she presented, facts such as her wedding anniversary dates, quotes from Bobby and close friends and song lyrics and titles;

A flower is on the base of the sculpture. It depicts an anemone from Cilla and Bobby’s wedding bouquet;

.The principle artist is Emma Rodgers, maker of artworks featured in Marvel’s The Guardians Of The Galaxy;

Emma collaborated with artist Andy Edwards, sculptor of the renowned Beatles statues situated at Liverpool waterfront;

‘Cilla’ was cast at Castle Fine Art Foundry, Liverpool;

When ‘Cilla’ was being modelled in clay hairdresser Alan Henry styled the clay to ensure that when cast, her hair fell in a natural way;

‘Cilla’s’ hair style is inspired by original contact sheet photographs from the first time Vidal Sassoon cut her hair;

‘Cilla’s’ dress is an amalgamation of Mary Quant dresses;

Kate Eugine modelled for ‘Cilla’s’ upper body and arms;

Sue Wright modelled for ‘Cilla’s’ hands.