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Abbey Road Decade
[1963-1973] (Various Producers: See Below)

Release Date: September 15, 1997
Label: EMI

Genre: Pop, Merseybeat, Soul
Recorded: 1963-74

The Abbey Road Decade: 1963-73 [Cover Artwork]

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The Abbey Road Decade: 1963-1978 is a deluxe boxset which celebrates Cilla's partnership with producer George Martin. It includes her complete catalogue of A & B side singles released between 1963 and 1973 (with exception of the song "Changes").  The third disc then features an array of collectibles including Cilla's very first recording (Fever), audition song (A Shot of Rhythm & Blues), rarities and many unissued tracks plus there is a unlisted "surprise" out-take at the end. The set comes with a very informative 30-page colour booklet.

CD 1

  1. Love Of The Loved
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  2. Shy Of Love
    (Bobby Willis)
  3. Anyone Who Had A Heart
    (Hal David/Burt Bacharach)
  4. Just For You
    (Bobby Willis)
  5. You're My World (Il Mio Mondo)
    (Umberto Bindi/Carl Sigman/Gino Paoli)
  6. Suffer Now I Must [Mono Mix]
    (Bobby Willis)
  7. It's For You
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  8. He Won't Ask Me
    (Bobby Willis)
  9. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
    (Phil Spector/Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil)
  10. Is It Love?
    (Bobby Willis)
  11. I've Been Wrong Before
    (Randy Newman)
  12. I Don't Want To Know
    (Bobby Willis)
  13. Love's Just A Broken Heart (L’Amour Est Ce Qu’il Est)
    (Mort Shuman/Kenny Lynch/Michele Vendome)
  14. Yesterday
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  15. Alfie
    [Inspired by the film 'Alfie']
    (Hal David/Burt Bacharach)
  16. Night Time Is Here
    (Bobby Willis)
  17. Don't Answer Me (Ti Vedo Uscire)
    (Bruno Zambrini/Luis Enriquez/Peter Callander)
  18. The Right One Is Left
    (Chris Arnold/Geoff Morrow/David Martin)
  19. A Fool Am I (Dimmelo Parlami)
    (Flavio Carraresi/Alberto Testa/Peter Callander)
  20. For No One
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  21. What Good Am I?
    (Mort Shuman/Kenny Lynch)
  22. Over My Head
    (Mort Shuman/Kenny Lynch)
  23. I Only Live To Love You (Cosa Si Fa Stasera)
    (Gene Colonnello/Norman Newell)
  24. From Now On
    (Bobby Willis/Clive Westlake)

CD 2

  1. Step Inside Love
    [Opening theme for series 1-4 of the BBC TV show 'Cilla']
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  2. I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You
    (Bobby Willis/Clive Westlake)
  3. Where Is Tomorrow? (Non c’è Domani)
    (Umberto Bindi/Mason)
  4. Work Is A Four Letter Word [Single Mix]
    (Guy Woolfenden/Don Black)
  5. Surround Yourself With Sorrow
    (Bill Martin/Phil Coulter)
  6. London Bridge
    (Bobby Willis/Clive Westlake)
  7. Conversations
    (Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook/Jerry Lordan)
  8. Liverpool Lullaby
    (Stan Kelly/Tune: Traditional Dollie)
  9. If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
    (John Cameron)
  10. It Feels So Good
    (Werner Scharfenberger/Gus Backus/Fini Busch)
  11. Child Of Mine
    (Gerry Goffin/Carole King)
  12. That's Why I Love You
    (Kenny Lynch/Bobby WIllis)
  13. Something Tells Me (Something's Gonna Happen Tonight)
    [Opening theme for series 5-6 of the BBC TV show 'Cilla']
    (Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook)
  14. La La La Lu
    [Theme song for the comedy film 'Please Sir']
    (Mike Vickers)
  15. The World I Wish For You
    (Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway)
  16. Down In The City
    (Tom Paxton/Welch)
  17. You You You
    (Geoff Stevens/Roger Cook/Roger Greenaway)
  18. Silly Wasn't I?
    (Nicholas Ashford/Valerie Simpson/Josephine Armstead)
  19. Abyssinian Secret
    (Earl Okin/Simone Avadis)
  20. Trees And Loneliness
    (Earl Okin/Simone Avadis)
  21. There I Go (Se Per Te C'e Soltanto Quell 'Uomo)
    (Roberto Livraghi/Marcel Stellman)
  22. Time
    (George Martin/Norman Newell)
  23. M'innamoro [Mono Mix]
    (Step Inside Love - Italian Version)

    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney/Giulio "Mogol" Rapetti)
  24. Non c’è Domani [Mono Mix]
    (Where is Tomorrow? - Italian Version)
    (Umberto Bindi/Luciano Beretta)

CD 3

  1. Fever (Excerpt) [Mono Mix]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (John Davenport/Eddie Cooley)
  2. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues [Take 3]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Terry Thompson)
  3. (Love is Like A) Heatwave
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Eddie Holland, Jr.)
  4. Some Things You Never Get Used To
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Van McCoy)
  5. Poor Boy [Mono Mix]
    (F. Baird)
  6. Shotgun
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Junior Walker)
  7. The Cherry Song
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Songwriter Unknown)
  8. Please Don't Teach Me To Love You
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Songwriter Unknown)
  9. Any Time You Need Me
    [Previously Unreleased]
  10. Only You Can Free My Mind
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Songwriter Unknown)
  11. All My Love (Solo Tu)
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Federico Monti Arduini/Peter Callander)
  12. Step Inside Love [Original Demo - Mono Mix]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  13. Work Is A Four Letter Word [Film Version]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Guy Woolfenden/Don Black)
  14. Step Inside Love [First Take]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
  15. Your Heart is Free (Just Like The Wind) (Le Vent Et La Jeunesse)
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (J.M. Rivat/Christian Chevallier/Thomas Frank/John Shakespeare)
  16. On A Street Called Hope
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook)
  17. Changes
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Phil Ochs)
  18. Surround Yourself With Sorrow [False Start Out Take]
    [Previously Unreleased]
    (Bill Martin/Phil Coulter)


Catalogue Number CILLA1 (3CD)


  • Lead Vocals by Cilla Black
  • Produced by George Martin
    (with exception of the "Changes" which is produced by David Mackay)
  • Album Compiled by Tris Penna
  • Additional Research and Annotation by Ted Carfrae
  • Project Co-ordination by Robert Willis
  • Digitally Remastered by Ron Hill at Abbey Road Studios
  • Remixing by Tris Penna with Paul Hicks
  • Picture Research by Robert Willis and Phil Smee
  • Package Design by Phil Smee



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