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Cilla quits ‘Blind Date’ after fronting the popular dating-game show for 18 years!

Cilla announced on a LIVE broadcast of her ITV “dating” game show ‘Blind Date’ (4 January 2003) that this would be her final series.

The award-winning show had recently suffered a decline in ratings as a result of this it returned to British television screens in October 2002 with drastic changes to the show’s format. These included the picker having an option to “Date or Ditch” their choice and ex-contestant DJ Tommy Sandhu replacing long-time voiceover Graham Skidmore (aka “Our Graham”).

“It was time to leave the show….I wasn’t quite happy with the changes…I’m of the old school if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it…” – Cilla

Cilla’s final show will be televised on the 31 May 2003 – the TV special features a look-back at some classic moments from the show’s heyday when it regularly attracted viewing figures of over 17 million viewers across Great Britain.