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A whole lot of Cilla this Christmas!

The Christmas TV & Radio schedules in Great Britain feature a lot of Cilla related shows which are detailed below — these include ITV’s new documentary Our Cilla, a new compilation clips show Cilla’s Surprise Surprise Unseen and a repeat of Cilla’s in-depth 2009 interview with journalist Piers Morgan where she talks about her life of extraordinary highs and tragic personal setbacks.

Cilla at the BBC – BBC4, 12am on 22 Dec 2015
TOTP2: Christmas featuring Cilla – BBC2, 11:00pm on 23 Dec 2015
Our Cilla – ITV1, 10.45pm on 25 Dec 2015
The Story Of Cilla Black – BBC Radio 2, 5pm on 27 Dec 2015
The One and Only Cilla Black – ITV3, 7.30pm on 27 Dec 2015
Cilla’s Surprise Surprise Unseen – ITV3, 8.30pm on 27 Dec 2015
Our Cilla – ITV1, 28 December 2015 @ 1.30pm
The Richest Songs in the World featuring Cilla – BBC4, 11.00pm on 29 Dec 2015
Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Cilla Black – ITV1, 10.05pm on 31 Dec 2015
Cilla starring Sheridan Smith – ITV Encore, from 9.00pm on 1 Jan 2016

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